Aylmer to 32 Hobart Crescent directions


Location overview
32 Hobart Cres. is located in the Ottawa (Nepean) community of Trend-Arlington, which lies east of Cedarview Rd or Hwy 416 and west of Greenbank Rd. The neighbourhood is only accessible from Greenbank Rd south of Baseline Rd and north of Hunt Club West. View the vicinity and regional  maps page to get an orientation. Our phone number is (613) 820-5585.

The directions start here!

  • If you know the way to Greenbank Rd, just use the local directions page instead of this page.32 Hobart Cr

  • This page assumes you are driving from the Champlain Bridge, otherwise refer to the more comprehensive route directions and maps at baldock.ca/directions

  • The vicinity and regional maps page is useful in following these directions.

  • These directions below incorporate useful nearby land marking information not provided  by other online map/direction sources. In any case, the usual driving directions between any specified address and 32 Hobart Cres. are also available a www.maps.Google.ca. Note that Google maps erroneously thinks 32 is near 40.

Aylmer to 32 Hobart Cres from the Champlain Bridge

  • On the Champlain Bridge stay the in the right lane as you approach the Ottawa end of the bridge
  • Before the traffic lights, keep right to exit onto the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway
    • Follow the parkway. It turns left (south) away from the river and passes under an overpass
  • Keep right to exit and merge onto Carling Avenue (westbound)
  • Within the next few blocks on Carling Avenue move over to the left through lane
  • Just past the Richmond Rd intersection, take one of the left turn lanes onto Pinecrest Rd (south)
    • Pinecrest Rd magically becomes Greenbank Rd as you pass over Queensway Hwy 417
    • You pass traffic lights at Iris, Lisa, Baseline Rd and another one at Harrison St. (right side) & Ashgrove Cr (left side)
  • Pass under the (one and only) overpass on Greenbank Rd (It's for a railway.)
  • At the next traffic lights, turn right onto Banner Rd
    • If you come to Greenbank Square shopping center on the right, you missed Banner Rd three intersections before!
  • Continue on Banner Rd past the stop and a left bend. It becomes McClellan Rd and narrows after Paula Cr
  • After Cramer Cr (left side) and Grady Cr (right side), Hobart Cr. is a right turn off of McClellan Rd.
    • If you reach a stop sign while on McClellan Rd, you just passed Hobart!
  • 32 is the 2nd driveway past the 2nd right curve of Hobart. Welcome!
    • If the driveway is full, street parking is legal only on side opposite 32

32 Hobart Cres to Champlain Bridge

  • Facing the street, from the driveway turn left, at the end of Hobart, turn left onto McClellan Rd. (i.e. left-left)

    • A shorter alternative: facing the street, from the driveway turn right instead, at end of Hobart, turn left onto Jansen, at end of Jansen, turn right onto Grady, at end of Grady turn left onto McClellan Rd.
      (i.e. right-left right-left)
  • Continue on McClellan, it widens and becomes Banner Rd., pass a right curve and a stop sign.
  • Banner ends at the traffic lights. Turn left (north) onto Greenbank Rd.
  • Head past major intersection at Baseline Rd and pass over Queensway Hwy 417
  • Approaching Richmond Rd stay in the right lane and turn right onto Richmond Rd.
  • Stay in the right lane approaching Carling Ave. and turn right onto Carling Ave.
  • Stay in the right lane. Note that you happen to be following the red maple leaf on blue signs.
  • Just past Lincoln Fields/Heights Galleria (at Connaught) the right lane almost seems to end before the bridge. Regardless,stay in the right lane following the maple leaf sign as you take the blind right exit onto The Parkway (aka Sir John A. Macdonald)
  • The Parkway will take you to the intersection for the Champlain Bridge at Island Park Dr