Original recipe from Company's Coming Pint Size Books by Jean Pare Chocolate (ISBN 1-895455-07-03)

Triple Chocolate Pizza         
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Prepare ingredients, so that there are no delays between pastry, filling, or topping steps.


Chocolate Pastry

500 mL 2 cups All-purpose flour Measure flour, sugar and cocoa into bowl. Add butter. Cut in until crumbly.

300 mL

1 1/4 cups

Granulated sugar

75 mL 1/3 cup Cocoa
175 mL/g 3/4 cup/6 oz Butter or hard margarine, softened
2 2 Large eggs, fork beaten

Add eggs. Mix well. Press into greased 12 inch (30 cm) pizza pan. Bake in 350F (175C) oven for 15 minutes.

Chocolate Filling

250 g 8 oz. Cream cheese, softened

Beat all 5 ingredients together until smooth.

175 mL 3/4 cup Granulated sugar
1 1 Large egg

Spread over hot crust. Return to oven for 10 minutes.

60 mL 1/4 cup Cocoa
5 mL 1 tsp. Vanilla


75 mL 1/3 cup Semisweet chocolate chips

Combine 3 kinds of chips. Micro-wave approx. 90 sec. med-low.

Sprinkle chips onto the hot pizza.

Let stand until soft. Draw knife bock and forth over top to smooth out most of the chips.

If necessary, return to warm oven for a minute.

75 mL 1/3 cup White chocolate chips
75 mL 1/3 cup Butterscotch chips

10-14 10-14 Maraschino cherries, Place cherries here and there

   drained and quartered

Lay almond slices around edge.

15-30 mL

1-2 tbsp.

Sliced almonds

Cool. Cuts into 12-16 wedges

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